Introducing The New Era for Surveillance EASY Features: -          100% Wire-Free, HD720P IP Camera -          6000mA 2pcs 18650 rechargeable battery
Features: -          100% Wire-Free, 2 MP IP Camera -          Battery capacity: 3000mA 1pc 18650 rechargeable battery with solar panel &
Face Recognition (For Detection / Access Control Solution) complete with Thermometer Detection & No Mask Detection
CCTV Thermal NETVIEW sudah Tribrid View: Handphone, Pada Unit, maupun Pada Monitoring / CPU based, 
WalkThrough Thermometer Tym.neT c/w Metal Detection for 18 Zones, dimana Tym.neT sudah menggunakan Sensor dari Belgia untuk fixnya pengecekkan suhu
2020 Temperature Measurement Face Dynamic Recognition Terminal Model no. ET-F4M Product Features *Infrared non contact thermometer face recognition body temperature