Our Objectives

1. We Are the Provider

2. We Are the Longest  Cooperation with Our Customer

Fingerprint Tym.neT A4, From 2005 Until Now.
Fingerprint Tym.neT A1, From 2004 Until Now in RSCM – Radiologi Department.

3. We can work Under-pressured and Meet the Demand

CCTV in Every Events Of Exhibitions in Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC), that must be Installed totally almost hundred channel “in One Day” before event.

4. We don’t provide “Change” for Our Value Customers, we provide “Fix It”, although Until The Worsest Case

One of the Biggest Bank in Asia (Cannot be Published because of the Agreement), Their Building Has Got Flood, and All of the Security Access Were Broken, Although Other told to Change, we told to Fix It. And right now, Already Repaired and Will Be Maintenance Contract until 5 years by Us.


Our Existing Customers That Using Our Barrier Gates that we Focus to Maintain.

5. We Try to Give The Best Price in Every Tender/Project

Ex. :
In Pemprov. DKI, PT. ITS was No. 1

6. We Try to Make Our Customer Remembers Us Until Now

Openning Order from RSCM : 2006,
Last Order from RSCM: Mei 2015.

RSCM=Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusumo, di Jakarta.

7. We Provide All of the Necessary of Our Nation, with the Best Price Product in Its’ Line of Products, And with the Biggest Effort.

Setting Fingerprint System in School in Karawang for 1 Fingerprint System for Almost 1000 Students, And Combined it with  SMS Gateway for Reporting to their

8. We do Integration for All of CCTV Brand with our DVR & NVR Solutions.

Almost every of CCTV Brands can be integrated with our NVR and DVR Solutions, to make All of Sites to be controlled in-to 1 System. And also we bring the best price and solution of its ever. For Example: SKK Migas combined with Total-Oil & Gas for their CCTV System (Integration).

9. We also Focus with Government Army & Mass-Transportation to Full Maximizing The Needs of “Sistem Keamanan”.

Ex. :

-We supply and train for Fingerprint System Tym.neT for Mabes ABRI in Cipayung, Akademi Militer-Magelang, Pusintelad, Pusterad, etc.

-We supply for All of System for the last Busway Project for Our Lovely Capital City – DKI Jakarta.

– We supply for CCTV Newest (in   2015) in Commuter Line – Depo Service.

10. We are Just Here for You.

Until more than 1 decade we try to handle all of our value customers, with all of our biggest efforts, just to make sure that:

We are Just Here for You   
— All of Our Lovely Customers —