Company Profile

As the Growth of Economical in Indonesia, and the needs of the Security System,

PT. Trimegah Mitra Sejati was established in 2001 to provide Security System for Products, Solutions, and Services. And  the core of the products are in Access Control, Fingerprint, Surveillance (CCTV), and Burglary Alarm System. So, with all of those, we set up the whole Building Security System. To provide better and more functionally solutions for Security System for Every Departments of the Government and Private Companies.

For the first time, it sets up in Jl. H. Syahdan No. 17, Jakarta Barat in order to give the best solutions in manpower of IT (Information Technology) for the Security System Products. Because it is near Bina Nusantara University which is a University of IT.

We established “Tym.neT” in 2004 which is a brand of products of us and which is to build a quality in the best price for Access Control & Time Attendance System, that provides markets and services to Corporates. So they can make their Companies more secure, discipline and protected with “Tym.neT.

And in 2005, we established brand  “NETVIEW” to provide Surveillance in more Secure Products in CCTV Industry.

We believe that in the future will be a very going fast for techonology in the Security System Industry with Full of IT Support, so because of  it, we also develop the products more and more relationships with every Principles; To build  the  needs of our  Customers; To develop more market; And to establish the market and win it.

So that is a small overview about our Company,

Thank You for the Attention,

Hopefully Can Build Mutual Benefit Always with All of Our Business Partners, Customers, and Dealerships.